Our company was the first to introduce a Matrix retrofit service for standard LED lamps with both hello and goodbye functions, as well as a Dual Dynamic LED retrofit service that offers on-demand turn signal animation changes without removing the lamp from the car. The alternative turn signal animation comes from the latest Chevrolet Corvette model.

Service demonstrations can be found on our social media.


With the best interests of our customers in mind, we decided that we would carry out all the corrections after other companies, in order to warn against the pathology that takes place in this industry.


During the 8 years of our company's activity, parcels have gone to more than 3500 recipients both in Poland and abroad. Add to this number about 500 personal pickups and we have 4000 customers served. This is a nice result especially if you multiply it by the average number of lamps per parcel, which is 3 pieces. This brings our experience to about 12,000 modified car lamps.
No company in Poland dealing only with rear lamps can boast such a result.


We solder circuits that require high precision and temperature control using a specialized microprocessor soldering combiner.
We don't use tanning machines, home ovens or any other inventions.


One of the most important issues related to the durability of LEDs is working at the right temperature
The fog lights we refine always go through a measurement of both the temperature of the "core" of the diode, and a measurement of heat dissipation and the effect on the remaining electronics. We don't do anything "by eye."


As the company grew, we were looking for a way to gain as much control as possible over the quality of the electronic components we use. Thus, we started designing the production of controllers and converters in-house while becoming independent of outside companies and gaining maximum control over quality. Of course, this is another process that reduces our capacity, but as we have repeatedly emphasized, we have never been interested in mass service provision.


This is what our competitors' services look like. We don't understand how it's possible that companies that seem reliable are able to churn out such things from themselves. Unfortunately, what is "ugly" is invisible to the eyes, because the customer will not open and see the lamp inside.



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Audi A6 C8 2018+ latest generation of the popular passenger model. Audi has decided to computerize the lamps in the new generation. Of course, the first microcontrollers have already appeared for dynamic turn signals in previous models, but this is the first time we have a situation where the lamp communicates bidirectionally with the car's computer.

Converting such lamps has become much more difficult because you have to ensure that the lamp still communicates with the car over the LIN bus and at the same time does not report errors related to the lamp modification. This is much more technically complicated than, for example, adding a dynamic turn signal in place of a static one.