US to EU modification

September 26, 2016
We offer conversion of lamps from the USA to the EU in accordance with European standards. Our lamps never have problems with inspections, we do not disassemble the lamp shades, the diagnostician will not doubt whether the lamp was opened or not. Any conversion of lamps from usa to eu is possible as much as possible in accordance with its European counterpart. We cooperate with many companies that sell EU lamps and we can compare parameters on a regular basis.

Most lamps can also be retrofitted with dynamic/matrix/floating turn signals. We only convert rear lamps, we do not deal with adapting the fronts, but we have contacts with companies that can help.

If you're wondering where to outsource to, we recommend checking out this hashtag: #patoprocessing

Some useful information about the process of lamp adaptation and subsequent actions that we received from our regular customers:

The process of adapting a car's lighting can be divided into two parts, lamp adaptation and electrical adaptation.
The process of adapting the lighting is usually to change the color of the turn signal, add a fog lamp, seperate the stop with the turn signal and connect to a separate pin in the plug in the lamp. If the number of pins/pins in the plug is insufficient, we let out a cable outside the lamp, which should be connected to the electrical system.

In the process of plant adaptation, two main schemes stand out:

1. lamp coding and possible installation of a button for the fog lamp in the cabin + harness to the lamp from the fog lamp. Sometimes you need to swap pins/pins in the plug however these are isolated cases.
Coding involves physically plugging in an external interface along with the laptop and changing the configuration of the lighting rules. Often in the process, the computer language is changed, maps are unlocked, etc.

2. classic adaptation intended mainly for cars typically American and older cars where it is not possible to carry out coding by computer.
Rear turn signals are connected under the front ones, and stop under the third stop light. With the fog light, the situation is the same as in point