Dynamic indicators

September 26, 2016

What is Dynamic indicator

Dynamic Indicator is a modern solution for signaling the direction of a vehicle on the road in an animated manner

Why opt for Dynamic indicator?

First of all, because of the improvement of road safety and modern design. Dynamic turn signal, also known as sequential turn signal, by triggering animation to a greater extent catches the attention of other drivers on the road


Our company makes dynamic turn signals(sometimes mistakenly called Matrixes) in Dual Dynamic LED technology. This is our proprietary service that adds the ability to select the turn signal animation in a non-contact manner.

No other company in Poland at the moment offers such technology to its customers. At the moment there are two dynamic turn signals. The first animation is a standard one, and the second is from a Chevrolet Corvette C8 car.

We perform all modifications on our own manufactured controllers. We both design, manufacture and assemble our controllers. We have no middlemen and are not dependent on third-party companies which ensures our customers the highest possible quality.

We use components only from premium brands, Philips. Osram, ON Semiconductors, Atmel, Texas Instruments, Faraday or Avago. The same goes for chemistry where we use only materials from the American company Amtech. All this together makes our services meet the highest standards in the industry. We recommend retrofitting dynamic turn signals when converting lamps from US to EU.

If you're wondering where to outsource we recommend checking out this hashtag #patoprocessing

US to EU adaptation plus Dual Dynamic LED turn signals

US to EU adaptation plus traditional dynamic turn signal.